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Do you have a passion for sailing and want to learn more? 

Regatta or Social Sailing

Whether you want to take part in a Regatta and learn how to to handle a boat in a race situation, or simply want to experience the fun of sailing with fellow pirates and discovering new places, we have something for you.


See below for some of the events we have taken part in.

30 October - 4 November 2023

Brindisi - Vlore

For the third year in a row  a group of Pirates took part in the Terabithia Mission to bring our love and commitment to Vlora, Saranda, Scutari and beyond, to spread hope and smiles wherever we go.

As part of this amazing initiative  (which started in 2010) we loaded up two pirate ships with toys, clothes, school provisions and much more and set off for Vlore.

A full report on the trip and the fantastic work done during this week will follow, when all the boats have safely returned home!

Loading the Pirate Ships 1.jpg
Loading the Pirate Ships 2.jpg
Corfu Regatta.png

June 2022

Brindisi - Corfu Regatta

The 36th Annual Brindisi-Corfu Regatta took place between June 12th and June 14th. Sailors were scheduled to set sail at 11 AM on June 12th, but high winds forced the start to be delayed until 6 AM the following day. After almost 11 hours on the high seas, the first finisher in Greece was Idrusa, arriving at the finish at 5:49.57 PM (Greek time).
However, after factoring in handicaps based on size and speed, first prize went to Verve Camer, followed by Buena Vista and Iron Butterfly. Pirate Orange Juice, known on land as Beppe Boccadamo, participated as part of the crew on Baron (see picture). He said that because of the delayed start, “the regatta lasted two sunrises, and it was something very beautiful.” We hope that next year we will send our own crew to participate!

May 2022

International offshore Regatta EST 105 Bari to Portonovi XV

The Pirates’ May highlight was our participation in the EST REGATTA XV BARI - MONTENEGRO. Under the command of Skipper Mauro, ably assisted by Sabine – better known as Pirate Mary Read – our hearty seadogs sailed to Herceg Novi in beautiful Boca Bay. Portonovi Yacht Club hosted the pirates for two days of frenzied rampage. After returning to home port, Pirate Mary Read reported, “It was a great regatta with a great crew. We made Montenegro a very unsafe place to be.”

Montenegro Regatta.PNG

13 March 2022


Sailing in support of Ukraine


Report by Pete The Unsinkable and Kamikaze Anne

On Sunday 13th March, the Amici della vela in Bari organized a rally outside the proto vecchio in support of Ukraine. There were about 30 boats on the water which was a great sight, all displaying the Ukrainian flag. At 11.00 hrs, all the boats sounded their horns, whistles, and bells in unison.

After a few speeches over the radio, a short race was proposed, it was great to be sailing in such company.


We were flattered when our chief pirate, Captain Axel on another boat, asked if we had our engine on as we were leaving them behind inspite of our boat being our Italian ‘home’, overladen and with very old sails and a trailing fender! – Big pirate smiles all round.

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