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Peace Fleet Italy

Peace Fleet and Pirates.jpg

The Pirates are proud to be partners in this new initiative in Italy.

This event is inspired by Peace Fleet Mirno More (Calm Sea) which takes place in Croatia and is dedicated mainly to children in difficult conditions or situations (physical, social) or who are political refugees. 

During the course of a week, groups of young people have the opportunity to stay and sail on a sailing boat, supported by pedagogic activities. 

Launch Event in Italy

The launch event took place on 30th September 2023 at Laga Navale Brindisi, who kindly provided a fantastic venue and food for the event. There was music (thanks to the young band of musicians from Brindisi Tabernacle) and trips on sailing boats around the harbour, providing an amazing experience for many young people who had never before set foot on a sailing boat. 

The Tabernacle also created a fantastic video of the event


We need your help

There is a lot of work to do, to develop this seed of an idea into a full week of activities for disadvantaged children, here in Italy, so we need your help. 


If you would like to be involved please let us know. We are looking for assistance of all types:

  • Sponsors 

  • Fundraisers

  • Shore assistance

  • Skippers

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