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Good Pirates of Apulia end of 2022 summary

Dear pirate friends,
Thanks to all our supporting pirates and friends we have had a very full year of events and activities not to mention online meetings.

2022 Highlights

One of the highlights was for sure the Bari Montenegro regatta in May. Others included our first sailing course with skipper Giuseppe and some meetings with skipper Mario on his boat “Primadonna”.

The top event was the Albania toy attack (Terabithia) where we brought lots of gifts for the children in two of our sailing ships. Thanks to Skipper Angelo with his Bogovante and our Swedish skipper Richard with his 50-foot yacht, Cloe. We also had on board musicians: Christina, Fedele, Ettore and Claudia; the Catering Ladies (Alice from Rome and Lola from Slovakia) and of course Julian. The shore team was led by Andrea Rubino (pirates for life) and was made up of clowns and pirates from Castriota in Calabria.


There were four days full of activities in Hospitals, Orphanages (yes, we sailed all the way to Seranda), and homes for children with difficulties. Then we handed over the collected money for the renovation of a bathroom in the orphanage.

One of our main pirates Julian left for UK, now we enjoy his quarterly visits even more .

Looking forward to 2023

With the support of the Austrian Peace Fleet team (who organizes since 28 years we hope to launch the first Peace Fleet Italy in Brindisi from 29.4. till 6th May.

Offering the unique experience to groups of children in difficulties from several NGO´s.
We are looking for volunteers to help with the organisation of this event. We need people with experience in social work and connections to local NGOs that would be interested in benefiting from this event. We are also looking for boats and skippers, sponsors and safety team. We guarantee a week full of positive spirit.

We intend to start with a small group of 5 to maybe 10 ships, the target is to grow to 50-70 in 3-5 years.

The mission of the peace feet is to help children to develop personally, in spite of their disadvantages. As an organisation we also hope to build up a sustainable team for further projects.

Pirate Ship

The main aim of the association is still the pirate ship. We have finally found the right boat, a Galleon 35 m.












This ship will be able to host groups up to 30 people for education, treatments, cultural and social events. Whoever wants to be the project manager or is interested in helping with this project please contact us. We will need all skills from project management to backstage support. A few hours can help a lot. In 2023 we will define the business plan, in 2024 the crowd funding and from 2025 this project starts…!


No need to be in Brindisi, our helpers at the moment are spread to UK (Anne, Pete and Julian), Sweden Richard Noelke, USA Anne Schiller (our newsletter scientist in Washington DC), Slovakia Lola Kosic, Malcolm and John from Malta….I cant mention all by name, of course the local Italian team with Andrea, Ettore, Claudia, Christina, etc….

Thanks for all who have paid membership fees, if this has slipped your mind, please visit our website and fill in the membership form, which will give you all the details you need to make your payment. We really do appreciate your support which enables us to do meaningful projects.

We will continue organizing sailing groups, tours, daytrips, ship sharing.

You can follow us on Facebook, WhatsApp group, and on the website You can also email

Wish you good winds and always some water under your keel for 2023, hope to see all of you in person on a ship

Yours Axel

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