Why make a sinlgle/monthly donation to the Pirates of Apulia?

Dollar Bill in Jar

To give a one time opportunity to donate a non profit association money to help to develop the spirit and support the internal and external activities:

       1)    Internal:
             a.    Equipment for beach cleaning
             b.    Refreshments for volunteers.
             c.    publicity
       2)    External:
             a.    We do several charity activities alone and with other associations like Nukleros,                      for those we give gadgets, cover some costs.          

             b.    Education development
       3)    ship development: preparing the structure for a future international crowdfunding                  for the traditional pirate ship in Brindisi.

How to make a donation?

Insert the Pirates of Apulia IBAN Number

Pirates of Apulia Donation - IBAN IT63 K030 6909 6061 0000 0176 176

When making a donation please insert your full name (First name + Surname) + reference to activity/event 

     e.g John Doe / Albania Gift Bag 

We thank you kindly in advance for your donation