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Toys Attack Albania
13 - 17 October

The solidarity regatta organized as part of the mission "Terabithia - pampering clinic" Twenty sailing boats will leave Brindisi on 16 October 2021 to reach Vlore, Albania on board clowns therapists, pirates, toys, clothes and stationery. Since 2010, Naukleros Onlus is the coordinating organization of the Terabithia mission - pampering clinic. The humanitarian expedition takes its name from the film Bridge to Terabithia (Bridge to Terabithia), a film based on the 1976 novel of the same name by Katherine Paterson, already shown on TV in 1985. Just like in the film, the mission aims to create a bridge between two peoples "Divided but always united". In fact, the bond between the two peoples with totally different cultures, religions and habits is often remembered for the landings that began in the 80s, forgetting that collaboration and brotherhood have very ancient origins.

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The Terabithia 2021 mission, born from an idea of ​​the Pirates of Apulia, which highlighted how much sailing boats have therapeutic potential, was immediately married by numerous Italian and non-Italian associations, such as Vivere a Colori, Integra Onlus, Tabarin, Clown for well, Sprofono Imperia Onlus Group, Brindisi Città di Mare aps, Magicharter srl, the IsolaHabile center, Progetto Mamma, Love Albania and many others who are trying to join after reading the posts on social networks. Clown therapists and pirates will visit the children of the pediatric ward, those of the orphanage, the outskirts of Vlora and Shkodra, the disabled centers of Valona, ​​the Catholic kindergarten in Valona and the Cor Jesu school in Shkoder.

Given the difficulties of Covid and the transport of goods, thanks to an idea of ​​the pirates of Apulia, the sea is transformed from an obstacle into pleasure and utility. In this case, the sea, in addition to facilitating the transport of what is collected to be donated, will also be a therapeutic tool for the disabled and the children of the orphanage who will carry out cruises in the bay of Valona. The Albanian association Love Albania will be coordinator of the movements and excursions once they arrive in Albania. In past editions, the mission has had full logistical and operational support from the Italian embassy and the Italian (Valona) and Albanian (Bari) consulate, the Guardia di Finanza.

Anyone wishing to donate stationery items and children's clothes could deliver them to the school in the La Rosa district, located in Piazza delle Orchiedee 21, by contacting in advance the President of the Naukleros Onlus Dr. Cristiana Zongoli, alias Dr. Stellina at +393289482029. As soon as the dates and the number of interested boats have been defined, the official program will be drawn up. Andrea Rubino, alias Clown Pep Polo at 349/0937852 or by email 



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