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Discover and enjoy the secrets of the sea

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What we do

PIRATES OF APULIA is an non-profit association, born in Apulia, south of Italy, with the aim to bring something that has never been proposed in this land before. An association of enthusiastic people with interest in sailing, old ships, and of course, pirates, that will find old wooden boats in need of restoration, and bring them back to life where they belong, on the sea, through sustainable solutions.


On the ships or land, we will organise activities, events, workshops, sailing trips, regattas and so on, for our members and their families, but also - through charity - to those who cannot afford a life at sea. The aim is to start from Apulia and promote its enchanting scenery, then explore and promote many other destinations, travelling, just like pirates do.


Upcoming Events 


Beach / Local Area  Clean Up

Nearest Beach/ Local Area 

Coordinate at one of our Brindisi sites, throughout the day or take to a local area in need of some cleaning.

Wednesday 9 December 

10 am or convenient time in the day

Free Entry 

Beach/Local Area Clean Up


Venue - t.b.c

Another night of shaniniganes, games, prizes and music with Dj Eclipse and Cristina

Friday 18 December

Zoom Meeting  Code 

Free Entry 

Online Christmas Pirate Party

Image by NeONBRAND

Venue - T.B.C

We chat about pirate stuff, projects and chit chat may involve a glass or wine or 2 

Every Monday 7pm 

Zoom Meeting Code

Free Entry

Weekly Meet - Online 

As any NPO we rely on donations and events to be able to function and achieve our mission to socially support charities through sailing trips and restoration works while promoting interest in old wooden sailing boats/ships, from small to large.


Our ultimate target is to acquire a real large scale pirate ship and operate it as a base for leisure, education and charity purposes. We realise this is a huge target but we have smaller projects to build first.


All members are invited to attend events which vary from

ticketed to free of charge.


Your attendance at any of our events will enable us to continue to pursue our fundraising target while engaging with the community and participating in memorable and fun events.


We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our events. 


About Us 

WHO SHOULD JOIN (our ideal Pirates)

● Whoever is interested in old ships and sailing activities and events on small and large vessels

● Ship owners who need help in renovating their “beauties” and have them keep doing what they were build to do: sailing

● Whoever wants to support our activities, since we are a non-profit organization and value teamwork, skill-sharing and cooperation.

● Whoever is interested in sustainability on the sea, and would love to join our research in terms of solutions for ship materials, energy supplies, water support, and so on.

● Whoever wants to be “hands on” into renovating old ships and become a pirate.

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